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Lose the extra pounds by exercising? It is the dream of many and not impossible. It is necessary, however, to choose well the discipline to practice because there are sports that make you lose weight more than others.

If the intention is to lose weight, a premise is necessary. Any sporting activity must be accompanied by a proper diet, capable of providing the right amount of energy to support training.

Then, you must be careful, because there are sports that, yes, make you lose weight and also a lot, but at the same time develop a musculature that can be unbalanced.

Here are the sports that make you lose weight to try in the gym

  1. The race
    Outdoors or on the treadmill, running is one of the most slimming activities: every kilometer covered burns an average of one calorie per kilo. Running also involves all the muscles: not only the legs, but also the arms and abdominals. The best way to burn fat is to alternate the pace from a moderate run to jerks.
  2. The rope jump
    It is an activity that improves coordination and allows you to burn a lot of calories: between 600 and 800 every hour. It is good to start training with the rope in a gradual way: at first it takes 15 minutes, then slowly you can increase the pace, always paying attention to the stress that focuses on the knees and ankles.
  3. The crossfit
    Crossfit circuits are very fashionable these days, so much so that those who practice them say they can no longer do without them. The workouts are made up of a series of exercises ranging from free body, abdominals, weights, cardio activities such as running or jumping with rope. You can burn a lot of calories in a short time: about 300 in just 20 minutes.
  4. Aerobics
    In gyms you can find aerobics courses organized in different variations and is, in fact, one of the most practiced in the gym. It is an activity that provides cardio exercises that make you lose weight. It is practiced in groups to the rhythm of music and allows you to burn 450 calories in an hour if practiced at an intense rhythm.
  5. Yoga
    Contrary to what many people believe, in one hour of yoga you can consume up to 120 calories. Thanks to correct breathing, in fact, the basal metabolism is stimulated, which facilitates the disposal of fat even hours after the end of the workout. In the gym you can then integrate yoga with other disciplines, which include aerobic workouts such as yoga fit, power yoga, ashtanga yoga.
  6. The exercise bike
    The most suitable for those who need to tone the leg muscles and also the abdominals. The number of calories that can be burned varies depending on the speed and intensity of training: on average, between 550 and 850 calories can be consumed in one hour.
  7. Boxing
    Among the sports that make you lose weight is perhaps the most complete that develops muscles in harmony, increases reflexes, agility and endurance. Training requires a lot of energy because you are always on the move and is great to release tension, learn self-control and manage your fears. In one hour you can burn between 615 and 825 calories depending on whether you are doing a more moderate or more intense activity.
  8. Rowing
    It improves posture, increases muscle mass and is a valid alternative to running. Rowing is also a complete sport that involves all muscles, increases endurance, power and improves motor skills. In one hour you can burn between 580 and 650 calories depending on the intensity of your training. In the gym you can practice thanks to the rowing machine: a machine that allows you to reproduce the gestures you make in a canoe and that allows you to train all the muscles of the body.