Food Re-Education Tips

Take advantage of these tips to catch up and fulfill your new year’s promises!

Don’t forget that these small changes in routine cause great improvements in your health.

5 food re-education tips for New Year’s promises!

New Year, new life, and the promises for the coming days always come back…

Especially if they are related to weight control, starting some physical activity or eating better!

Making promises is easy, hard is keeping the word all year long. Do you want to do it differently this year? Check out our food re-education tips below!

Reduce consumption of ready and processed foods

The daily routine of the big cities has increased the consumption of industrialized food, pre-cooked or ready.

Despite the practicality, the fast preparation or no need to face the kitchen, these products are not the best choice to eat.

Besides being rich in sodium (which helps in the conservation of these foods) they have a high content of sucrose and preservatives.

Whenever possible, prefer to eat something natural, even if you need more dedication and time spent preparing your meal. Your body appreciates it!

Significantly increase fluid intake

One of the most important habits to stay healthy is the frequent intake of liquids. Especially in locations with high temperatures!

It is common to observe that most people cannot consume the ideal volume of liquids recommended per day. The correct is to ingest approximately 2 liters of pure water, at least.

Instead many people are replacing the water loss through the consumption of soft drinks and industrialized juices. These are usually more caloric and sugar rich than natural products.

The adequate intake of liquids (especially water) is important to maintain hydration, besides helping in the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and also in the treatment of hair and skin.

For this reason, always carry a small bottle full of water with you to hydrate yourself frequently, wherever you are.

Food re-education, not diet

In the periods near the summer vacations several options of diet appear to make the body beautiful and “healthy”:

  • blood group diet,
  • of the soup,
  • of pepper,
  • among other variations.

The first observation to be made on this topic is that no way to lose weight quickly is considered healthy, especially because it deprives the body of essential nutrients and leads to malaise and mild malnutrition.

To lose weight with quality, respect the time your body needs.

There is no miracle to stay healthy, the secret is to know how to eat everything in moderation, and to adopt the constant practice of physical activity.

Consult a nutritionist and follow a diet prescribed especially for you!

Do not spend long periods fasting

You know that story about eating every three hours to lose weight? Yeah, it’s true and it helps a lot in your food re-education.
Keeping a diet routine with set schedules will not leave you with the body you dreamed of for the summer, but it is the first step. The routine will educate your metabolism and prevent it from accumulating energy for nothing.

The biggest mistake of people who stay long periods fasting is to think that it will favor weight loss, because they are not ingesting calories in that period.

In periods of long alimentary privations, our organism prepares itself to stock more calories than it would normally do when it comes time for the next meal.

This happens because the human body is programmed to prevent any dangerous situation, and the lack of calories (which leads to lack of energy production) is one of them.

Eating every three hours can prevent the body from entering this “state of alert”.

This can keep us satiated for longer, eating less in the following meals.

Learn to cook your own food

There is nothing healthier in terms of food re-education than preparing your own meal. This is because we generally use fresh, preservative-free foods with high sodium content.

The choice of recipe and ingredients demands dedication and time from people, and most of them have a busy day.

But if it’s about promises to improve health, starting to spend more time with your food is something worth putting on the agenda.

Nowadays it’s easy to find healthy recipes, which can be quickly prepared and stored for up to a week in the refrigerator or freezer.

Learning to cook in the present times is considered a virtue in modern life and can even become a delicious and healthy hobby.

Take advantage of these tips to catch up and fulfill your new year’s promises!

Don’t forget that these small changes in routine cause great improvements in your health.

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