Have a Healthy Lifestyle

There is no right age to have a healthy lifestyle, all generations, with a few small adjustments, can start to do so. Many of us would like to improve our lifestyle because we see ourselves aging prematurely or because we feel stressed and often in a bad mood.

But changing lifestyle does not mean doing something different from the usual routine for two or three days and then return to bad habits, you have to be convinced and have a constant commitment.

To have the right grit, let’s inform ourselves about the consequences that our “insane” life can bring with time, get advice from your doctor especially if the change involves quitting smoking or losing weight, but the most important motivation that must lead us to a change is because we want to feel good and be happier.

Healthy lifestyle: meaning

Having a healthy lifestyle means making choices in our daily lives and sometimes even putting “stakes” in the things we love to do the most. First of all the day has to start early, you don’t have to sleep more than the hours our body requires (usually 8 hours per night is enough), take a good shower to wake up and have a good breakfast to face the day with determination and full of energy.

If we don’t have a job we look for an alternative activity…the important thing is not to stay still, not to stay at home all day and not get demoralized.

When we don’t have to work we don’t keep thinking about work, we don’t call our colleagues to know the problems they had during the working day to discuss them together…when we are done with work, we just pull the plug and don’t think about it anymore, we think about ourselves and our family, without stress and anxiety.

If our lifestyle is not right don’t make a drama out of it, just put in just the right amount of good will to remedy it.

Let’s be calm, let’s not argue about every little thing with our partner and let’s not take it bad if the driver in front of us leaves a little late at the traffic lights…it’s a useless stress, let’s learn to relax!

Healthy lifestyle: diet

It is always difficult to orient ourselves in the jungle of diets and diets that are proposed to us every day, but for a healthy lifestyle we must orient ourselves towards a varied and balanced diet.

French fries, snacks, snacks … everyone likes them at any age, but many times they are also foods rich in substances, such as sugar and fat, which in the long run are not good for us and we do not really need them within a healthy lifestyle.

Instead, we re-experience the taste of traditional cuisine, and if we want to try something different every now and then we cook something from another region or ethnicity, but always cooked by us at home!

The correct diet is a very important step to follow: it must include meat without exaggeration, drink a lot of water, season with a little salt, eat a lot of fruit and vegetables (even outside the meal), limit butter and sugar, avoid ready-made food to rediscover the pleasure of cooking for us and for others.

This does not mean to deprive ourselves of everything: we must not forbid ourselves a glass of wine when we are at dinner with friends or to eat a slice of tornado and a pastry at a birthday…. let’s not exaggerate…having a healthy lifestyle must not become an obsession, otherwise what happiness is it?!?

Healthy lifestyle: advice

Whether you’re a real chair and don’t know where to start improving your lifestyle, or if you’re already on the right track and just need to improve, I’ll give you some useful tips on how to lead a healthy lifestyle:


Cooking your own dishes is exciting as well as rewarding, it is always nice to receive a compliment on your plate from family and friends. Take your time and put a lot of curiosity and imagination between pots and stoves.


Self-esteem helps our health, helped by healthy eating and physical activity. Be assertive, and have more confidence and confidence in who you are.


If a person advises you to stop drinking or smoking, do not argue back by pointing out their faults, it is just an excuse not to deal with the subject and not admit your limits: it is instead the right time to reflect on what they advise you, especially if said by those who love you.


It is a fundamental rule to have a healthy lifestyle. To love oneself is fundamental in life and to learn how to do it, you can. Sometimes it costs a bit of effort, but to learn to love yourself you have to start accepting yourself for who you are.


Every person has a different metabolism and mentality, if you see someone who has changed lifestyle faster than you do it doesn’t mean that you won’t make it, but simply that you need more time, don’t give up and don’t ruin the progress you have made.


Regular physical activity is one of the most important elements of staying healthy. Exercising regularly, but also moderately, helps to lose weight in a healthy way, improves blood pressure, lowers cholesterol values, helps to prevent diabetes, but it is also an excellent antidepressant and a good way to establish new relationships and also makes us look better.

  • LOVE

Do it out of feeling, safely and strengthen the bonds with your partner, it will make you feel better. Making love is not only a pleasant activity, but a real natural medicine that is good for both body and mind. It relieves stress, makes us lose weight and makes us feel more beautiful and healthy.

After reading my advice you just need to take a long breath and … start leading a healthy lifestyle!

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