Heartbeat @ Bedok
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Heartbeat@Bedok Architectural Awards

Built upon a formerly forested site, it is apt that the main theme of Heartbeat@Bedok is greenery. Every floor plate is bordered with greenery, seemingly enveloping the building within a park’s forest. The multiple layering of plants, trees, shrubs and ground cover simulate a terraced landscape on the south façade, acting as privacy and acoustic screens from the neighbouring residential units. Heartbeat@Bedok’s unique design has also caught the eye internationally and it has won numerous architectural awards both home and abroad.

BCA Green Mark Platinum Award 2017

The BCA Green Mark Platinum Award recognises developers with strong commitment towards corporate social responsibility and outstanding achievements in environmental sustainability.

At Heartbeat@Bedok, the main theme is greenery, which helps to cool the building and save energy. It boasts many environmentally green features such as a design that reduces direct solar heat into the building, as well as an energy efficient use of LED lights.

BCA Universal Design Mark Award 2017, Goldplus

The BCA UD Mark is a voluntary certification scheme launched in October 2012 as an initiative to raise the bar on Universal Design (UD) adoption in developments. Universal Design is the design of products and environment to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design. In its broadest term, Universal Design refers to “design for everyone”. This initiative accords recognition to developments and stakeholders that adopt a user-centric philosophy in their design, operations and maintenance.

Heartbeat@Bedok has won this award through its user friendly and design integrated approach. Colours are used to allow users to easily identify certain areas of the building, and automated machines are available in the different areas such as the sport centre and library for the public. Additionally, Heartbeat@Bedok has ensured that accessibility is integrated in the building design by placing shelters, lifts and ramps in easily accessible locations.

The American Architecture Prize 2017

The American Architecture Prize honours designs in the disciplines of architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture with the goal of advancing the appreciation of architecture worldwide. Each submitted design was evaluated by the esteemed AAP Jury on its own merit on the dimensions of Design Excellence, Innovation and Function.

Heartbeat@Bedok was awarded this prize due to its focus in directly impacting the everyday life of Bedok residents. Its forestry design inspired by the forested area it once stood on was greatly appreciated by the judges as it showed an appreciation to the public space that it now resides in. Heartbeat@Bedok was awarded the small-scale landscape project architecture award under the landscape architecture category.

Leisure-Led Development (Future Projects Category) for the Building of the Year at the World Architectural Festival Awards 2015

Heartbeat@Bedok’s potential was recognised early on in its developmental stages. In the 2015 World Architectural Festival Awards for the Building of the Year, it was awarded the Leisure-Led Development (Future Projects Category) award.