Kinza Bamboo Towel And Its Advantages Over Non-Organic Cotton Towels: An Extensive Review

Kinza Towel Review

You might have seen bath towels at their cheapest price while you shop at your local stores. Tempting to grab and buy it as it may seem, the smartest move is to first look through its label and make sure that it is not one of those towels that use the most infamous non-organic cotton that may bring you and your family harm than any good. 

In this article, we will look into the truth of non-organic cotton, and identify a great alternative for you to give yourself and your family the safety they deserve. 

Non-Organic Cotton Towels

In most cases, low-quality towels may be made from non-organic cotton fibers that seek not to benefit anyone who uses it. 

To begin with, non-organic cotton is quite known for its use of inorganic fertilizers and pesticides. Surprisingly, these types of cotton consume around 16% of the world’s sum total of produced insecticides. 

Non-organic cotton is primarily used to address the growing demand for textiles all over the world. However, while the production of non-organic cotton may address the problem with regards to the world’s demand for textile, it causes numerous sustainability issues and risks to the environment, people, and animals. 

This type of cotton is widely used for woven fabrics, towels, linens, and clothing that are sold at a fraction of a price. 

Production of non-organic cotton disregards the problems that accompany it. For instance, pesticides used in growing cotton put great risks for field workers as well as both flora and fauna that surround the land.

Kinza Bamboo Towels 

Kinza bamboo towels are manufactured using 100% MōSō Bamboo fibers produced straight from Japan. The Kinza company is not like any other company that only seek you extract profits from consumers. They ensure that their own products pose no harm to their trusted customer. 

Kinza believes in the importance of a relaxing bath after a long day of work in order for an individual to recharge and be reinvigorated. Centered with excellence, the company conducted intensive experimentation and crafting just to achieve its renowned product that is admired by many. 

The primary goal of Kinza is to allow individuals to have their own luxury spa experience in the comforts of their homes. This is done through the distinguishable bamboo fiber difference in terms of softness and other functional features that are well thought of. 

The company is based in Singapore but accepts orders from anywhere around the world. 

Having 100% MōSō Bamboo material in their towel production gives a great advantage in various aspects which will be further discussed. 


First, the production of the two materials, bamboo fibers & non-organic cotton, is not similar to one another. 

Non-organic cottonseed is treated with chemicals like fungicides and insecticides and sometimes modified genetically. While bamboo plants typically grow faster than any other plant and can propagate through shoots. 

Unlike non-organic cotton, bamboo plants do not require synthetic fertilizer and intensive irrigation systems. To top it all off, 1 kilogram of cotton requires roughly 10,000 to 20,000 kilograms of water weight. 

Overall, the production of non-organic cotton is viewed as unsustainable while bamboo towel production is capable of sustaining itself for the succeeding years while completely regarding the environment. 


In terms of functionality, Kinza bamboo towels do the job, better than any cotton fibers. Kinza towels absorb water up to seven times its weight and dry up three times faster than cotton towels. 

With bamboo fibers, Kinza towels are produced with anti-bacterial properties that no other cotton towels have. 

Kinza bamboo towels ensure that there will be no more unappealing odor every time a towel is left indoors. 

In addition, with Moso bamboo fibers they have the assurance that they will feel nothing but first-class comfort whenever they bathe. 


Non-organic cotton fibers clearly get this one. With high production input, towels made out of non-organic cotton fibers can be bought at a very low price. However, when choosing the best towel for your family or for yourself, it is important to remember that the price, alone, is never a good basis and would most likely sacrifice the overall quality of a product. 

This simply means that although Kinza bamboo towels are relatively more expensive as compared to regular towels made out of non-organic cotton fibers, it is still important that you put the quality over anything else, including the product’s price. As a rule of thumb, you should buy products that will put a value on the money you spend. Seek the best option and everything will come along.


Non-organic cotton towels may last long enough if cared for properly. However, Kinza bamboo towels offer both delicateness and strength in one. 

With its twisted yarn weave, Kinza bamboo bath towels ensure that all their towels can withstand pilling and shrinkage due to successive washing and drying. 


This may be not known to others, but according to the World Health Organization, approximately 20,000 people die due to miscarriages and cancer every single year due to the chemicals used in non-organic cotton production. 

This is on top of other health-related problems that are linked to exposure to specific hazardous chemicals, which include respiratory disease and neurological issues. 

On the other hand, Kinza towels use MōSō Bamboo fiber. Hence, people using it are far less susceptible to these kinds of health hazards as it does not require the use of these hazardous compounds during the entire process of production. This claim is supported by the fact that the products of Kinza are Oeko© Tex Certified.

Kinza Towel Singapore

Final Thoughts

With this comprehensive comparison review between Kinza towels and towels made from non-organic cotton, we must say that even though non-organic cotton towels are far cheaper compared to Kinza bath towels, the premium bath towel still holds a great advantage over the former. 

It is clear that price should never be the ultimate defining factor for anyone that is looking for the best quality for themselves or their family. 

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