Tips for Making Your Own Floral Arrangements

Wreaths, bouquets, plant creations… Discover all our advice and ideas to make a success of your floral arrangements!

Floral art consists in making arrangements with fresh or dried flowers, foliage, branches, grass, or any other natural element such as moss, wood, dried fruits, seeds, etc. Your flower arrangement can be made in a traditional vase but also in a more original way, in the form of a wreath or on a stand for example if it is an arrangement that does not require water. You can also try your hand at the art of Ikebana for a refined and light composition that will enhance both your vase and your plants.

The Material to Make Your Floral Arrangements

First of all, let’s see what material you will need. It is not a question here of making very large investments. A small basic material is enough and for you DIY enthusiasts, you may already have some in your drawers.

Depending on the work you will do, you may need :

  • A pruning shear: it will allow you to cut the stems and branches to the right size.
  • Cutting pliers: to cut the wires
  • Special florist’s adhesive: green in color, it is ideal for fixing certain plants together in a completely invisible way.
  • Florist’s foam: for living floral creations that require water and to avoid the use of a vase. Florist’s foam allows you to put flowers in it after having moistened it.
  • Grass or synthetic moss can be used to perfect your composition by camouflaging certain artificial elements in a harmonious way.
  • A vase: if you wish to realize your floral compositions in the form of a bouquet
  • Earth: for some creations like Kokedama
  • Sand or gravel for some creations like Ikebana
  • Adhesive supports or raw wreaths for non-living or ephemeral compositions.

The process of making your floral arrangement will depend on what you want to achieve. Some basic principles of floral art are to be known and respected for balance and harmony in your creation.

I make sure several of you are asking method flowers are sent on a month-to-month basis rather than simply on a special event such as a birthday celebration, vacation, college graduation, or wedding anniversary. Blossoms are unique and many individuals send out blossoms to their loved ones regularly to reveal they like them. In many cases, the enjoyed ones such as moms and dads, grandparents, children, or a dear friend might live far away as well as sending out blossoms on a regular basis is a great way to remind them that they are special to you and also you are thinking about them.

Other reasons for setting up flower distributions are much less emotional and meeting a company’s needs. Maybe you have a monthly meeting and/or luncheon at your office and you need to have flowers delivered to be placed on the table in the boardroom, on the lunch table, or in the reception area. Monthly, no doubt, you are making eleventh-hour plans preparing for the meeting and/or luncheon. With a regular monthly blossom delivery service, you would have one much less point to worry about. The delivery solution where the flowers are automatically provided is extremely convenient for lots of circumstances.

If you are really educated about flowers or understand the type of blossoms that are liked by the person that is getting them, you can specify the sort of flower, the color of the flower, and also the gift basket you desire to be sent to them.