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Instagrammable locations in Bedok

By Phyllis Lee

People go to a lot of effort to take photos for their Instagram account these days, from exploring desolated places to trawling all over Singapore to find the most picturesque places. To help make things easier for you as you search for these, we have listed some of the most Instagrammable locations in Bedok!


Bedok Reservoir

Address: Along Bedok Reservoir Road

Photo credit: @maureen2412 Instagram

Though Mother Nature’s beauty can never be captured completely through a camera lens, most shots of natural scenary usually end up stunning anyway. Bedok Reservoir’s calm waters and beautiful greenery will make a great picture alone, but when you head there at sunset, you should be able to get an even better shot.


Colourful flats at Block 76 Bedok North Road

Address: Block 76 Bedok North Road

Photo credit: @conniielim Instagram

Play around with the facades and lines of these colourful buildings! Everyone loves a rainbow after the rain, so these warm-coloured HDB flats are sure to brighten up anyone’s day – even if you have spent hours taking photos of the neighbourhood in the scorching sun.


Bedok Maze

Address: 42 Bedok South Road

Photo credit: @ramaibz Instagram

The waist-high, red-brick walls make this garden an ideal location for rustic photos and portrait shots. If the parkour practitioners are in the area, you might even get to snap a few shots of them in action as they leap through the air from point to point. Remember to also keep a lookout for the murals on the wall where bicycles are parked, which is located right next to the Bedok Maze.


Bedok jetty (ECP)

Address: East Coast Park Service Road

Photo credit: @zenroomsglobal Instagram

Fish for a good roll of photos at the longest jetty in Singapore! You will be accompanied by a soft sea breeze and occasional marine life, but the best thing about hanging out at Bedok jetty is the unparalleled view of the sea meeting the sky.


Xtreme Skate Park (ECP)

Address: East Coast Park Service Road

Photo credit: @jorgsundermann Instagram

A skate park might not sound interesting to someone who does not skate, but that is different story for someone who is looking for a good Instagram shot.

Designed to give an extraordinary “by the sea” skateboarding experience, Xtreme Skate Park caters to both beginners and professionals. Snap away when the skateboarders show off their skills, or move about the place looking for new angles when they are not there. The concrete park could also serve as a unique backdrop for portrait shots.