4 Weeks of Pregnancy

4 Weeks of Pregnancy – The Doubt

This week will be decisive! The strange symptoms of a menstrual period that does not come already start to be identified. The great journey of mommy truly begins here.

Symptoms of Pregnancy

The main symptom in the 4th week is menstrual delay. Usually it is the one that gives the alarm so that the future mother decides to do a confirmation exam. The breasts are already quite swollen and painful, mainly by the action of hormones and increased blood circulation in the region – to favor the production of milk, which soon begins. The increase in the number of visits to the bathroom during the day is already noticeable and a tiredness without apparent reason (especially after lunch) is also noticed by the mother.

Changes in the body

There is still no apparent change. The increase of the abdomen is a natural swelling due to an increase in gas production – but it is not your tummy growing yet!

Behaviors and emotions

The fourth week of pregnancy marks a new phase in the life of the mother. With the delay of menstruation comes the doubt: am I really pregnant? If so, how will it be from now on? The mark of this week is a roller coaster of feelings and emotions.

Who probably will suffer in this phase is the future father, which should be officially communicated in the next few days – if he is not already going through all this anguish period with you. But stay calm! With the beginning of the gestational period your emotions and feelings soon get in the way! For now, you can blame the hormones!

Discoveries and curiosities

Some women experiences small bleeding in this week, known as nidation, when the implantation of the embryo in the uterus wall effectively occurs. The tempting mothers usually get very apprehensive with this moment. Stay calm! This mild bleeding is normal and means that everything is going well with your pregnancy. For moms who still don’t imagine they might be pregnant, nidation is often confused with a light menstruation, which delays the discovery of the new baby a little. This week your baby is about 0.02 mm (smaller than a grain of rice!) and often not yet seen by the ultrasound. But he’s still growing!

It is also in the fourth week – after the definitive implantation of the egg in the womb – that the production of the most famous pregnancy hormone begins: the BetaHCG. From now on it doubles in quantity every 48 hours. It is by its index in the blood that in a first moment, will be made the count of your gestational period.

What to ask the doctor

If you have already been to the doctor this fourth week, he will probably explain about the count of your gestational period. Although you are only now effectively pregnant, this count already starts on the first day of your last menstruation period- LMP. Although your menstruation has been delayed for only a few days and the embryo is beginning its formation now, your gestational period is already counted from your ability to produce new eggs for conception – your last bleeding.

It is for this difference that usually the gestation is of “9 months” but is counted in “40 weeks”. One week before the egg is fertilized, this count was already open.

As the weeks go by this count will become natural for you, don’t worry!

List of activities of the week

Book a gynecologist/obstetrician! Besides the necessary exams in this beginning, the orientation of a doctor about vitamins, the interactions with possible medicines that you already take, besides the physical examination are essential to follow the development of your baby. This week it is worth to start investing heavily in a healthier and more regimented diet, besides prioritizing the moments of rest and relaxation. Start a meditation program, for example. It will help a lot to deal with so many changes…

Have you told Dad? Take the opportunity to make a special moment and keep this memory forever! Leaving a little shoe hidden in the drawer, a funny note, or even a big scare at work can make this moment of yours unforgettable!

What not to do this week

Recommendations about physical activities that are impacted or that may wear out the physical should not be practiced. The time now is to take care so that this first moment of pregnancy is calm, since there is so much to resolve. Taking care of your body and mind is essential this week.

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