The real estate selling process

In a world where information is just a click away, it shouldn’t be complicated to check the difficulty of certain sales processes, such as that of housing.

However, the excess of information and social networks, cause us to consume information oriented (even directed) exclusively to our interests and limited to what our online contacts transmit.


In the mind of the consumer who starts a purchase process for the first time, the situation seems simple: enter a real estate portal, select some interesting properties, visit them, agree on a price and go to the notary to sign the operation. Ignorance in the detail of the actions to be taken, means that the individual simplifies the process.

In the case of the owner, it can be a little more laborious, since to advertise his property, he has to take photos and describe the property, as well as estimate a sale price. With that information, he uploads the property to several portals and waits for contacts who want to make a visit, an offer and finally sign at the notary’s office. Again, a simple and easy process for those who have not had to do it previously and have not encountered barriers and setbacks.

It is the responsibility of the professional specialized in real estate marketing, to alert the consumer of the problems that can be found in the process, if it is not done in an adequate way.


Digitalization in the real estate company is not only based on using tools for valuations, creating a virtual tour or signing an online document. In fact, they are not the services most valued by customers, who are looking for a personalized advisory service.

It is a process for the whole company, the people who form it and how they communicate with their clients.

Especially for service companies, such as those that market real estate and work with owners, buyers, investors, tenants,..

This type of clients are not used to carry out a process of real estate management, they do not know the steps to follow and the problems that arise if an operation is not done correctly.

For those who do not work in this sector, the real estate purchase and sale seems a simple procedure: properties are announced (offer), the interested parties are managed (demand) and one crosses with another to close the operation.

Public opinion tends to simplify the process. Moreover, the advertising messages, both from portals and online agencies, make it seem that it is not necessary to involve a specialist in the whole process of buying or selling a property.

Individuals begin their buying and selling process with basic tools and knowledge, hoping to close a transaction without problems and in a short time.

The reality is that most of the owners, after several months with their property wandering in real estate portals and attending to people without qualification and without real interest in buying, understand that it is not the appropriate way and that the professional fees have their justification for all the services, management and solutions they provide.

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