Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Air, earth, water, sun, emotions, and food are the basic ingredients to live long, maintaining health, which is the natural state of balance of the body.

The adoption of an alkaline diet is the basis of a long and healthy life because it allows preventing a long series of diseases that increasingly affect Western civilization.

Yet nutrition is not the only factor that determines our health: in this article, we examine and suggest a series of behaviors that go to determine a healthy lifestyle, the basis of acid-base balance in our body, along with attention to daily nutrition.

Deeply ventilate the lungs

In many cases, the volume of oxygen introduced into our body is insufficient, even if we do not realize it. For this reason, it is essential to do physical activity, in order to deeply fill all the capacity of our lungs and promote the full health of circulation, heart, and muscular system.

Frequent ventilation in the rooms where we live or work is also important to ensure a constant supply of fresh air. Clearly, the ideal would be not to breathe air saturated with carbon dioxide, trying to spend as much time as possible in places with little contamination.

Stay in contact with the earth

Another system that promotes the balance of the body’s pH is direct contact with the earth, through the hands or feet. Why? The human nervous system communicates with all cells in the body through the electromagnetic energy it receives from food and the environment. The supply of energy necessary for biological functions comes from the surrounding air, through the skin and breath, but also through the ground, from which we absorb electrons.

Electrons are essential to neutralize the formation of free radicals, which are a source of diseases and inflammations that form in our bodies. The sole of the foot has more than 1200 nerve endings every 5 square cm, more than any other part of the body; thanks to a barefoot walk even a few minutes we can have beneficial effects thanks to the nervous system of our body.

Follow the rhythm of the sun

The physiological and metabolic activities of the body are regulated every day by circadian cycles, derived from sunlight and moonlight. The production of hormones that stimulate reaction (escape, fight) or digestion is greater with sunlight, while the night darkness promotes the secretion of substances that promote energy recovery and tissue repair.

To align with circadian rhythms, it is important to try to go to sleep by 10pm and wake up around 6am. This is how farmers in the past were able to cope with hard, energy-laden hours of work. Have you ever noticed that by sleeping the same number of hours, but going to bed later, you feel much less rested?

Cultivate positive emotions

Fear, hatred and anger are destructive emotions, with an immediate repercussion on the activities of our body. An example? A strong negative emotion is able to block the production of enzymes and hormones necessary for digestion. Prolonged sadness can lead to a lowering of immune defenses. Anger can cause headaches, insomnia and heart problems.

Therefore, the basis of a healthy and long-lived life is a commitment to transform negative emotions and cultivate positive ones, just like a seedling.

Drink enough water

Water is essential for draining and expelling internal toxins, particularly through kidney activity. Yet most of us live in a state of mild dehydration, drinking less water than we need every day.

A symptom? A feeling of chronic hunger, which in reality is nothing more than a demand for water from our body. The assiduous intake of other drinks, especially artificial ones, which momentarily quench our thirst, is another reason why we neglect the need to hydrate ourselves adequately every day.

And how much water is needed? Just multiply your weight by 0.3 to know how much water your body needs. For example, a 70 kg man should drink at least 2.1 liters of water every day.

Eat (little) quality food (raw)

Just as many of us are dehydrated, many people are over-fed. Eating too much, in addition to leading to a state of obesity, does not facilitate the absorption of nutrients contained in food, because it congests the gastrointestinal tract.

But that’s not all. The food industry makes extensive use of preservatives and toxic substances; the use of radiation to prolong the life of fruit and vegetables on supermarket shelves is a sad reality. All this depletes the food we buy of nutrients, pushing us to overfeed.

The quality of food allows us to eat less, because food without toxic substances is richer in nutrients. The advice we can give is to eat food from organic crops, without exaggerating the quantities, and possibly introducing a good amount of raw food.

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